Getting Pregnant with PCOS

After being diagnosed with PCOS and failed getting pregnant over a year. Me and my husband decided to start fertility treatment but this time we want to be with Infertility expert. I found out about Dra. Marian Dichoso of DLSUMC. She was also the OB of my officemate who has fertility issue and a success story. She was not accepting walk in patients that’s why I make a call first and schedule for an appointment.

April 23, 2016 – my first check up with Dra. Marian. I told her that I want to get pregnant and I have PCOS. She asked about my previous treatment/ procedure related to PCOS. Eventhough I had an OB before she still explained to me how PCOS affect my fertility.


  • BLOODTEST to check my hormone. Since my husband already had sperm analysis previously, she didn’t request for another.
  • Vitamins: ROGIN E for hubby and FOLICARD B PLUS for me.
  • DUPHASTON to induce my period 2x per day for 5 days starting April 29- May 3.

May 7, 2016 my period came- and my scheduled check-up. I liked Dra. Marian because she make sure my body is prepared enough prior pregnancy to reduce the risk of complications.


  • VARICELLA and MMR shots (she instructed her secretary to find pedia that will give a shot and she made a letter for that doctor if possible intervals of shots would not take more than month since I want to start my fertility med soon)
  • YAZ Pills ( I shouldn’t get pregnant while I’m having my vaccine and the pills will also help regulate my hormones)
  • HSG (hysterosalpingogram – procedure to check block fallopian tubes) .

Finally she gave me her cellphone number, and instructed me to text her if I proceed with HSG. Dra. Marian is very caring and super accommodating. She helped me scheduling my procedure.

May 8, 2016– Varicella and MMR vaccine ( 1stshot )

May 14, 2016- Schedule of my HSG at 2 pm. Prior procedure,

Here’s dra.’s instruction:

  • Take Doxin ( antiobiotic before ultrasound ) 2x a day for 5 days.
  • Take Buscopan and Postan Mefanamic for pain reliever.

I’m so nervous prior HSG and I prayed a lot, not only because dra. said to me it may painful but also the possible result ( because I don’t want to have another infertility issue 😕 ) . I will be sharing to you my whole experienced on HSG on a separate post.

May 16, 2016 – Follow up check up, reading the result of my blood test and HSG.

  • HSG : “Patent both tubes” – Thank you lord. There’s no blockage on my fallopian tubes.
  • BLOODTEST : All is normal except PROLACTIN (i think it’s hormone from the brain), It was elevated and dra. advised me for a 2nd opinion on the other clinic on June 2016.

We have to meet again after my last shot of vaccine and 1st day of my menstruation on July. Aside from following Dra. Marian’s instruction, I eat healthy foods and started my PCOS diet. I’m also having full body massage 2x a month to manage my stress. I was determined to combat PCOS.

June 1, 2016 – my period started.

June 4,2016 – Varicella and MMR ( 2nd shot )

June 12, 2016 – Retest of PROLACTIN level. Thank God, it decreased, slightly elevated than normal but according to Dra, it’s ok enough since normal to PCOS woman to have slightly elevated prolactin level. I think my diet helped me a lot since I don’t take any med for this.

July 2, 2016 – my period came. I texted dra. and advised me to proceed to Wellcare Clinic on the 3rd day of my period, 7 am.

July 4, 2016- I went to clinic around 6:30 am. I saw other patients of dra. waiting outside the ultrasound room. Dra. was never late, another thing to love about her. (as we know most of the doctors are late)

  • ULTRASOUND – she personally ultrasound me, this one is called FOLLICLE Monitoring ( monitoring of ovary every other day starting day 10 – check if it is going to release an egg and to timing contact as well )
  • LEZRA – fertility medicine to be taken on the 3rdday of my period 2x a day for 5 days.

July 11, 2016 – Follicle Monitoring: I have 1 dominant follicle on my right ovary. We are advised to contact every other day.

July 13, 2016 – Follicle Monitoring : still 1 dominant follicle on my right ovary.

July 16, 2016 – Follicle Monitoring : still 1 dominant follicle on my right ovary and I feel sharp pain on my lower abdomen. Normally dominant follicle collapse during cycle 13-15 that’s why I’m started feeling worried. But Dra. keep me calm and told me to wait until July 19, as much as possible she wanted to wait until it collapse naturally but if not then that’s the time, she will inject something ( I don’t remember the name of med but It will help collapse the follicle and release the egg).

July 18, 2016 – Follicle Monitoring : Yehey! With corpus letheum (proof that egg was already released from my ovary). She advised me to take Duphaston from July 21 – 30 for 10 days. According to her if I’m pregnant this will help the baby stick with me but if not my period will start.

Around July 25, 2016 up to the month end, I started feeling bloated or maybe hyperacidity, actually I couldn’t explained my feeling all I know is that I’m not feeling well. And I don’t want to assumed that I’m pregnant already besides I’m not yet delayed and it’s really heartbreaking when you expect.

Then, July 31, 2016 – I used to render overtime until am during month end but this time I came home early because  I really feel sick. I still have Pregnancy test kit on my cabinet and tried it that night. I was shock when I saw two lines but very faint line on the second. OMG! I don’t know what to feel, I prayed right away. I tried again the next day (August 1) in the morning, afternoon and at night, ( so paranoid.haha.) still very faint positive. Me and husband still on denial stage, but I told him that this is the first time I saw two lines on PT after trying too many before. LOL.

August 2, 2016 – Tried another PT, 2nd line is much visible now. Yes! We’re pregnant. I texted Dra. and advised to meet her on August 3. I thank god for the answered prayer. And also to Dra. Marian, for being the best doctor in town.

Note: Don’t use medicine without physician’s prescription. All medicine/treatment stated above need to be monitored by specialist and a BIG “NO” for self-medication.

Don’t lose hope PCOS cysters! God is good. If I won my battle over infertility I know you can. Pray harder, that’s the most powerful medicine we could have.

My husband post on his facebook account to announce our pregnancy. 😊

Kindly leave a comment below if you have questions or you want to share your story with me. 😊

21 thoughts on “Getting Pregnant with PCOS

  1. Galing naman 30days lang na medication shoot na agad… i am a pcos patient (w/ 3 fibroids/myoma) too… ttc for 3yrs.. i only take folic acid for medication, kasi ang mahal ng mga gamot na binibigay ng OB. Hahaha ayaw ko lang bilhin… I am overweight before pregnancy and husband has low sperm count… but we did a total lifestyle change.. yung pambili ko ng medication pinang enroll ko sa gym plus i consulted a dietitian… exercise, healthy eating, stop lahat ng bisyo (smoking/drinking)… plus a lot lot lot of prayers…. 8months after i got pregnant… our little girl is 30months old now..

    1. Wow mommy pinky congrats din sayo! 👍 Sobrang answered prayer nga yun nangyari sa min kasi iniform din kame ni dra. na don’t expect kapag unang try, madame kasi nadedepressed after a failed treatment. Sobrang positive sya. Very true na malaking tulong din yun diet. During treatment nagdiet din ako ng bongga at sinasama ko si hubby sa diet meal ko. Hehe Nagshashake ako ng mga friuts and vegies, yun ang ginagawa kong breakfast at merienda. Nag yoga din pala ko twice to 3x a week. Ang galing mo mommy pinky, nagconceived ka pala naturally. Congrats din sayo. 😊

  2. Hi. I wanna ask kung paano ako magpapaschedule ng appointment sa doctora mo? And i want to ask din po how much ang total expenses po? 10yrs na po kami TTC and in losing my hope na magkaron ng anak. After reading your story na-inspire ako. Hopefully mapansin mo ang comment ko. Congrats po pala.

    1. Hi sis, thank you. Tawag ka po sa dlsumc at (046) 481-8000 then paconnect kasa clinic ni Dra. Dichoso. Makakausap mo po secretary nya, sabihin mo lang magpapasched ka ng appointment ke dra. Call ka po mga wed or sat around 10am-2pm. Yun yun tanda ko na sched nya. I’m so happy na nainspire kita, wag ka mawalan ng pag asa. Your prayer will be answered soon. Babydust to you! 😊

      1. Hi sis san yung hospital or clinic ni dra. ? 3 months na po akong delay but still negative 😔 4years ttc . Suffering from pcos both ovaries.

    2. Congrats sis…gus2 ko lng itanong…magkano lahat xpenses nyo for medication..pwde paki itemize sis..we will try Dra.Dischoso nxtyr…aalis na kasi ulit hubby ko ds month..nxtyr na uwi nya…

      1. Will try to post later or bukas sis lahat ng expenses ko. Lapit ko na matapos. Nakaitemized yun based sa mga procedure na nabasa mo dito. Yun kasi madalas follow up questions sa kin. Hehe. Babydust to you next year sis. 😊

    3. Do not give up and loose hope sis Aivee… I am a PCOS patient at 27yo, single pa ako. I got married at 32yo, TTC for 3yrs, i gave birth at 35yo. Partida pa yan na may 3 Myomas/fibroids ako (10cm ang biggest) plus pa LOW SPERM count si husband (quality and quantity)… 6months before i got pregnant my OB advised me for a Myomectomy, malaking sagabal ang myoma ko sa infertility ko pero salamat kay Lord kasi my mother convince me not to do it… naniniwala ako sa TOTAL LIFESTYLE CHANGE, achieve your BMI ratio (proportion your weight to your height), hindi lang diet kundi HEALTHY EATING, EXERCISE, KALIMUTAN ANG LAHAT NG BISYO, IWAS SA STRESS AT SANGKATUTAK NA DASAL.. kaya nyo yan sis, isali si husband mo sa lahat ng pag TOTAL LIFESTYLE CHANGE… plus consult your OB na rin for monitoring… napag daanan ko din yan what are you going through right now… keep the faith po…

  3. hello po. may i ask about the prices of your test.. and magkano po lahat nagastos nyo. range lang po please. para hanapan namin ng paraan mag asawa. thanj u

  4. Inspiring story, Mommy. With God’s grace, what you fervently wish for will be granted. Glad that you found a really good OB to guide you through your pregnancy journey.

  5. Hi mommy! Pcos warrior here too. Had the same procedure with you only that i’m taking utrogestan instead of duphaston. My doctor advised me to continue utrogestan until sept 4 then take preg test on the 6th. Praying so hard to get pregnant na din! You’re so blessed to make it in your first work up!

    1. Hi claire. I also took utrogestan but that was the time i was confirmed pregnant. My ob replaced duphaston to utrogestan, pampakapit ke baby. Baby dust to you sis! 😊 share us the good news once positive na ha. Godbless. Your prayer will soon be answered. Trust him. 🙏

  6. Hi nakaka inspired sobra ung post mo, pcos din ako, sobrang daming gamot na na nainom at ob na na napag daanan hehe, pero ngaun hoping and praying kami ni hubby na maging successful na this time, btw nag sesearch kasi ko regarding letrozole(dracenax) kasi first day ko sya inumin today, 2x a day din sya sakin but for 4 days only, the on day 12 of my cycle follicle monitoring na, sana talaga makuha na i mean maka buo na kami, super dasal kami ni ob nga pala si dra. Jing ng st. Lukes q.c . Magaling din sya at happy for u..nagka baby kana after ng lahat lahat sa pcos

    1. Thanks for dropping by.
      In god’s perfect time ibibigay yan sa inyo ni lord. 😊 Follow mo lang lahat ng instruction sayo ng ob mo. Wag ka masyado magpapastress. Fill youself and your heart with positive. Baby dust to you! 😊

      1. Thanks! Super positive talaga ako sis, kahapon super saya, 11th day of my cycle nagpa tvs ako may 1 dominant follicle ako on my right ovary and today may sched ako sa ob ko for result reading of my tvs..sana this 1 dominant follicle will change our dream into reality (baby).. baby dust for me and for us umaasa at nagdarasal na magka baby na after battling Pcos. PLEASE INCLUDE US ON YOUR PRAYERS.. TIA 😘😇👶

        1. Wow! That’s great. 1 dominant follicle is a hope, you are few steps closer to your dream sis. Keep on praying and will pray for you too also. Keep us updated here. 😊🙏

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