Price of Milk Brands for Babies 1-3 Years of age

Disclaimer: Photos From Google Images.
Prices may vary from one store to another. Some of the photos are not the actual size of the price tag label. Price survey done at Robinsons Supermarket thru Honestbee. 
Enfagrow A+ from Meadjohnson                                 1.8 kg. for Php1,720
Nan Optipro from Nestle
                     2.4 kg for Php1,711
Nido Jr. from Nestle
                            2 kg. for Php 960
Bonakid from Wyeth
                          1.6 kg. for 783.50
Nestogen Three from Nestle
                      1.8 kg. for Php733
Lactum from Meadjohnson                      2 kg. for Php958.25
S26 Promil 3 from Wyeth
           1.8 kg for Php1,417
PediaSure Plus from Abbot  1.6 kg. for Php 1,819
Bear Brand Jr. from Nestle.             1.6 kg. for Php 602.25
Similac Gain Plus from Abbot 1.8kg. for Php1,701
Alactagrow from Meadjohnson.    1.2 kg for Php574.50

Note: Breastmilk is the best for babies up to 2 years and beyond.

I made a table in order to compare prices from most to least expensive milk. I know some of you are budget conscious mommies so price matters.

My son had an allergy issue with Meadjohnson products such as Enfamil and Lactum when he was 7 months. Her pedia gave her Nan Sensitive, until we personally switched to Nan HW to Nan Regular when he turned exactly one and now he’s on Nido Jr. for almost 2 weeks na.  So far so good. I checked Nido Jr.  label versus Nan Optipro, almost same lang naman and same din Nestle product plus we saved around Php500 din per box. ?

Updated 06/30/2018. We replaced Nido Jr. with his previous milk NAN Optipro 3, he’s dealing with watery poops with Nido, I don’t know din if dahil nagngingipin sya but for the meantime balik NAN Optipro ulit. Ok lang kahit mas mahal but the most important is okay si Sean. ?

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