Mommy Diary: Conquering Constipation in Toddler

Constipation is a very common problem in toddlers and it may often cause a lot of discomfort. But we never thought that we will be dealing with constipation for more than a months now. We never had any problem on Sean’s poop during the first year of his life. It only started when he reach 14th months old, he was constipated for some days then back to normal on the other. But it comes to the point that he can no longer poops for more than 3 days and he’s very uncomfortable passing his stool. I goggled the symptoms of constipation and how to deal naturally. Almost all of the symptoms was seen to Sean.

To share with you, according to the symptoms of constipation are the following:

  • Less than three bowel movements a week.
  • Bowel movements that are hard, dry and difficult to pass.
  • Large-diameter stools that may obstruct the toilet.
  • Pain while having a bowel movement.
  • Abdominal pain
  • Traces of liquid or clay-like stool in your child’s underwear — a sign that stool is backed up in the rectum
  • Blood on the surface of hard stool.

Sept.15, 2018, we went to Sean’s pedia because his constipation last for more than a weeks and he was really uncomfortable and crying when he’s trying to pass his hard stool, minsan may blood na din. As a mom, it alarms me. His doctor was out of the country that time and we were attended by the reliever only. She prescribed Sean to take 2.5ml of laxative before bedtime and advice to increase water intake and more fluid/soup on Sean’s food.

After a week with laxatives and following pedia’s advice. Sean’s constipation was still not resolved.

Sept.24, 2018, we went back on his pedia’s clinic. Finally Dra. Magno is here, she instructed us to increase laxatives to 10ml per day, increase fluid intake to 8-9 glasses per day, prunes, raisins, papaya, guyabano and leafy vegetables.

Sept. 28,2018, even we increase the dosage to 10 ml, Sean does not poop since Sunday and I was really worried because after increasing the dosage of laxatives to 10 ml and gave him suppository ( which I cut into 2 ) last Tuesday, still no poops. Huhu. My husband and I filed half day at work and brought Sean back to his pedia again. From 10 ml, she increase to 20-26 ml of laxatives per day (higher dose is 2x of the toddlers age, Sean is 13 kgs.) from which I can adjust if needed like for example if he poops normal the next day I can lower the dose or stop if Sean poops more than 3x because too much laxatives can cause diarrhea.

Right after we came home from clinic, I gave Sean a 20 ml of laxative. After an hour, he uncomfortably pass his big hard stool. Then after 5 hours, he finally had soft stool. I lower the dose to 15 ml the next day and 10 ml the following, glad he poops on that 2 consecutive days.

October 1st when we stopped giving him laxative to try if he could poop on his own. Glory be to god he was on his seventh day today having beautiful poops (could you imagine may maganda palang poops, I never thought I will be describing poop as beautiful) haha. I think keeping Sean as active as possible helped a lot, my mom and Sean walk on our subdivision every morning and afternoon. My mother said pinapagod nya daw talaga para pag uwi iinom ng madaming tubig. Because we admit that Sean doesn’t drink water that much. That’s why now, even if he’s inside our house playing, we keep on offering water and fresh juices from time to time.

To complete our story in conquering constipation, here are the remedies we’ve tried from the time we confirmed that he was constipated.

  1. More fluid intake like water and fresh juices. This was place in number 1 because as per pedia, how to soften the stool if lack of fluid to make it soft.
  2. Fruits like papaya, guayabano, mango, pear and leafy Vegetables. Rich in fiber fruits and vegetables also play a big role in conquering constipation.
  3. Prune juice or dried prunes and raisins. It is the most common home remedies in constipation. But my problem with this is that Sean doesn’t like the taste of prunes and raisins.
  4. Suppositories. When home and natural remedies is no longer effective, it can be bought over the counter (glycerine).
  5. Laxatives. Another medicine to soften the stool but of course with pedia’s supervision. If after all the natural home remedies is no longer effective, don’t hesitate to ask pedia’s advice because they know better.
  6. Switching formula milk. If you recently change your toddler’s milk, this may be one of the reason. Maaring hindi siya hiyang,better tried others. But since my son is one year old already and milk is no longer his primary source of nutrients/energy but solid foods. This is my last option.
  7. Keep your toddler active or have some exercise. When our child gets sweat siguradong mauuhaw sila which only means he will drink a lot of water. Besides exercise is good for the body and brain. A daily morning and afternoon walk is one way.

Note: Always remember that our child is unique and their bodies react differently from one to another. 😊

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