How to Register Business Name with DTI – Requirements and Procedure

Requirements in Business Name Registration
-Application Form ( can be downloaded on )
-Valid Government ID
-Registration Fee which depend on your teritory plus P30 document stamp.
P200 – Barangay
P500 – City/Municipality
P1000 – Regional
P2000 – National

Procedure in Business Name Registration
1. Go to your nearest DTI office.
2. Proceed to the information and they will give you queuing number.
2. Filled up an application form or bring your filled up downloaded form.
3. Present your valid ID
4. Wait your number to be called.
5. Pay the registration fee and they will print your business registration certificate.

Whole process will took only a few minutes. It is also can be done via online but currently the online system is down,  so all registration must be done at the DTI office.

On my experience, nagtagal lang ako because 3 of my proposed names was not available. I suggest you list down around 20+ business names and better search on if your chosen name was already used. If you are a sole proprietor like me choosing name is very limited. I was about to include family or happy on the second word of my business name kaya lang as per DTI hindi pwede. It is intended for bigger store and require additional requirements. Since ang i oopen ko lang naman is a small store sa subdivision namin, I ended up “Blessean Store”. Which came the name of our son Sean and bless because he’s one of the greatest blessing we received from god. I will share with you my actual business name certificate.

Once you’re done with the registration, next step will be getting a barangay clearance.

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